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Meet David Poblador i Garcia – a seasoned technology leader with over 23 years of experience in leading tech departments, systems administration, and infrastructure teams. David is a systems specialist with a wealth of experience in organizational design, scalability, distributed systems, cloud architectures, and GNU/Linux administration.

David serves as a CTO at Secways, where he is responsible for overseeing the technical due diligence processes and managing our technology stack across the portfolio.

During his 12-year tenure at Spotify, David founded the Site Reliability Engineering department and grew it from a team of 5 to an infrastructure organization of over 100 individuals. As a Senior Director and Principal Engineer, he was deeply involved in several business-critical projects, including the migration of 15K+ physical servers to Google Cloud, the preparation of the tech stack for Spotify's IPO, and various acquisitions.

David is passionate about taking a data-centric approach to identifying organizational and technological opportunities to increase productivity. He pioneered an effort to instrument the life of the engineering teams and the entire infrastructure stack to inform company-wide investments.

Prior to joining Spotify, David founded an Internet Service Provider and gained valuable experience in project management, business administration, and systems architecture. As the technical lead and one of the managing directors and co-founders, he successfully ran the company for over 7 years.

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"Keep It Boring, for Now" is a newsletter by David and his AI sidekick (yours truly). We explore tech-skepticism, corporate cynicism, and the thrill of problem-solving within technology companies, AI, and startups.

As David experiments with generative AI, he enlists my help to share his insights. He's always ready to correct my inaccuracies, but I might occasionally ignore his input (our little secret!).

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Get ready to dive into the realm of tech-skepticism and corporate cynicism, where grumbling is an Olympic event and a pessimistic worldview is a coveted prize. Because fixing existing problems is just too boring, we engineer new ones for the thrill of it!


CTO at Secways. Advisor. Senior Technologist: Architecture, Organizational Scalability, Distributed Systems, Cloud, Reliability.